The customer does not accept the color difference of the solid wood floor, what should I do?

The solid wood floor feels warm and comfortable on the feet, giving people a warm feeling, and also environmentally friendly. However, floor chromatic aberration is often the focus of disputes between consumers and businesses.

For example: A few days ago, a customer who was decorating ran into the store to make a big noise and shouted to complain. I asked, it turned out that the customer chose the darker solid wood floor in the store at the time. After laying it, she found that the color difference was obvious when she went to check and accept it, and in some places it was particularly obvious.
The more the customer looked, the more angry she came to the store to ask. The customer service told her that the color difference of the wooden floor was normal, not the quality of the floor. However, the customer did not understand that the flooring material was counterfeit and requested a refund.

How to deal with this situation?

First of all, we have to know what exactly is the chromatic aberration of the floor? Is it “instinct”, “doing not escape”, or the business’s “shoddy good”? Is chromatic aberration a “problem”?

Why does the floor have color difference?

The reason for the chromatic aberration of the floor is mainly due to the differences in the species, origin, color, and texture of the trees. As long as the surface is solid wood, the floor may have chromatic aberration.

The color difference of the tree roots:
Some solid wood floors are made of tree roots, and some are made of treetops. The color is dark near the roots and lighter near the tops.

Color difference of bark and tree heart:
The area near the bark of the solid wood floor is light in color and light in weight; the area near the center of the tree is dark in color and heavy.

Processing method causes color difference:
The floor wood plank method is different, some are made by diameter cutting, and some are made by string cutting. After processing, the texture of the floor is inconsistent. The two floors of different wood grains will inevitably appear color difference.

Color separation process causes color difference:
The primary color board and natural color board in the solid wood floor are not divided into color numbers, but the color difference will be more obvious after the paint is painted. Therefore, the regular manufacturers will separate the colors when the paint boards leave the factory, and divide them into 2 to 3 according to different materials. For each color number, the manufacturer has strict control of the color difference standard, and the color separation works well, and the floor color difference will be relatively small.

Installation factors cause color difference

Because the floor itself has chromatic aberration, if the installer does not observe and compare the floor color during the installation process, put similar or similar colors together, or install the floor with large floor chromatic aberration in a hidden location, it will easily cause large floor chromatic aberration to the owner. a feeling of.

Is floor chromatic aberration a quality problem?

Laminate flooring pursues the effect of solid wood, but it will not have much color difference.
The color difference of solid wood flooring is determined by its natural properties. Wood is a porous material. Different parts have different densities and different parts. The degree of absorption of light and paint is different. So sometimes the color on both sides of the same floor will have different shades and different textures. A slight color difference of the floor is normal. It is not a quality issue. But if two different colors appear on a floor, it is a quality problem.

How to solve the problem of “color difference”?
In order to avoid the large color difference of the solid wood floor, which will affect the overall appearance of the room, the installer needs to gradually transition the dark and light colors during the installation of the floor. Do not install the color too dark or light adjacent to each other.
The gradient from deep to shallow is more acceptable to customers.
However, no matter what, the brand dealers will still instruct the master to install carefully in advance, and try to avoid such disputes after taking preventive measures.

Post time: Nov-27-2021

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