Three points of floor, seven points of installation, most people ignore these details of floor installation!

There has always been a saying in the flooring industry that wooden flooring is a “three-point floor and seven-point installation”, that is, whether the installation is good or not determines 70% of the floor quality. The unsatisfactory use of the floor is largely caused by the improper floor paving.

Therefore, in order to make the floor as new as new, it is not only attributed to the quality and quality of the floor, but also to the correct installation and careful maintenance. Today we will take a look at the details of the floor paving!

Paving preparation must be in place

A comprehensive inspection of the paving environment before paving is the key, which is an important link to ensure the quality of paving.

Haste is not enough. The floor is laid without a comprehensive inspection of the environment, which is prone to quality problems. Before paving, do these 7 points and start paving.

First, measure ground water content

Use the moisture content meter to measure the ground moisture content, the general ground standard is <20%, and the installation geothermal standard is <10%.

The water content of the paved floor is too high, and the floor absorbs water and expands, which is easy to cause problems such as arching, drumming, and noise. Dehumidification is necessary at this time to avoid problems in subsequent use.

Second, in addition to SPC floors, wooden floors should be checked for termites

Thousand-mile dike ant dens are collapsed, and termites are a huge hazard. Check and preventive works must be done before installation, otherwise it will be too late when they are discovered.

Third, check the flatness of the ground

If the flatness of the ground is not up to the standard, it is easy to cause problems such as edge chipping, warping, arching, and noise. Leveling work must be done before paving.

We generally use a two-meter leaning ruler for carpet measurements. If there is a gap greater than 3 mm or even 5 mm under the ruler, it means that the ground is uneven and has exceeded the paving requirements for wooden floors.

Fourth, check whether the ground is solid

If the ground is not strong enough, you can kick up the ash with your feet. This is what we often say. This phenomenon is very annoying to clean after you install the floor. No matter how you clean the corners, you will keep dusting the floor.

People walking on the floor exerted pressure and caused all the ash to emerge from the skirting joints and corners. This was caused by the inadequate processing of the grassroots when the ground was leveled.

If there are cavities or peeling phenomena, you need to re-treat the ground, otherwise it will easily affect the service life of the floor.

Fifth, avoid cross-mixing operations

The floor paving process should be carried out after the completion and correct acceptance of the ground concealed project, ceiling project, wall project, and water and electricity project. If the cross operation is easy to cause damage to the floor, if the wall project is not completed, the falling gravel will cause dust and scratches. Problems such as damage to the floor, and problems such as splashing paint and coating on the floor and damaging the aesthetics of the floor.

In addition, if there are problems in cross-mixing work, unclear responsibilities will also affect rights protection.

Sixth, concealed engineering consultation and marking

Before starting construction, the owner should indicate the location of the concealed project and make a prominent mark to avoid damage to the embedded water pipes, air pipes, power lines and communication lines during the construction, and to avoid secondary damage to the decoration.

Seventh, whether the waterproof measures are in place (SPC floor does not need to check the waterproof measures)

The floor is afraid of water. After the water invades, it will have problems such as blistering, degumming and deformation, making it unusable. Therefore, you need to check the waterproof measures before paving and whether there is water leakage in the house. If there is such a situation, it should be treated before laying the floor.

Eighth, decoration is a major event. A little omission can easily lead to major events. When everyone buys a beautiful floor and waits for installation, don’t forget the preliminary work. The preliminary preparations are well done and the house is comfortable.

Regular flooring shops have their own installation masters, who will undergo unified training before taking up the job, so these matters can be avoided.

If you buy the floor yourself and hire the installer separately, then you must remember these points, and take precautions in advance to avoid a lot of trouble~

Post time: Jul-13-2021

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