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Maintenance of SPC floor

SPC flooring has gained its popularity in the flooring industry. There are many reasons for its popularity, including the long history of SPC flooring, the way it is made, and its versatility. But there's no denying that one of the reasons for its popularity i...
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vinyl flooring color

vinyl flooring color

would you like this #vinylflooring color ? Can you contact to me by email if you are interest in ? Email : admin@flooringmanufacture.com SPC Flooring /LVT Flooring /Dry back flooring/Self-adhesive flooring/Peel and sticker/Gluedown Flooring color:...
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Do you know all kinds of flooring?

The floor is a floor material that is not easy to make mistakes in the design and match, and there are more choices of floor materials, so today I will take you to understand what types of floors are available. This article mainly analyzes the four mainstream ...
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What floor is better in the dining room?

Meal time is the most lively time at home , But with more people, safety issues should be noted, especially the floor of the dining room. Some families like to use floor tiles in dining room . Some families like to lay wooden floors.Some families like to lay s...
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